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The Gurus Think We're Crazy.

The very concept of Enhancement Marketing™ turns a lot of what passes for “copywriting” these days on its head.
For starters, we write for humans, not machines, because we think a copywriting course should remember that robots don’t buy things – people do. 

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The Good Stuff (aka TL;DR)

Is Copywriting 101: Enhancement Marketing the best online copywriting course for you? You decide. We hope you’ll consider the following elements:

'On-Demand Copywriting Course' Doesn't Mean 'Robo-Course'.

Yes, our copywriting classes were pre-recorded in front of a group of live participants. But every session includes at least one assignment, and every assignment is graded by your professor. You’ll get feedback on your work, with actionable guidance and coaching to make your copywriting even stronger.

Future-Proof Your Skill Set

There always has been – and always will be – demand for people who can communicate ideas in ways that provoke visceral responses in others. And all the Artificial Intelligence copywriting bots in the world are no match for a gifted writer who’s found the sweet spot between science and art.

AI isn’t going to replace copywriters. It’s going to replace mediocre copywriters.

College-Level Instruction.
Not College-Level Pricing.

We’re excited to have taken the same curriculum we developed and taught at the post-graduate level, and distill it down to five intensive hours that have been broken up into bite-sized chunks. But we’re proud to have kept the cost low enough that it doesn’t separate people from their dreams.

What You Will Learn

* It’s very important to note there are a few things we don’t cover in the same depth that another copywriting course might. For example, it probably won’t surprise you to find that since our emphasis is on making connections with other humans, we don’t spend a ton of time on Search Engine Optimization. However, what even the most rabid SEO devotee will understand is that the best SEO is that which is applied judiciously to copy that has been skillfully written for people first.

Your Professor

(We get to call him “Professor” because this copywriting course is a modified version of a college curriculum that he created from scratch.)

The professor for our copywriting course, Neil Hedley, clowning around with a microphone as if he were fronting a rock band.Neil Hedley

Neil was nineteen years old the first time he got a job as an ad agency Creative Director, and already had multiple national and international copywriting awards to his credit.
He’d go on to be a two-time medal winner at the New York Festivals, with a decades-long career in media that continues to this day with weekly appearances as a cable news commentator, and also included eight years as a touring stand-up comedian.
(We might have failed to mention that your classes might be a little more fun than you were expecting.)

A group of green plus signs that appear behind the sign-up button for our copywriting course.
Our copywriting course includes a money-back guarantee. We teach the origins of the money-back guarantee as part of the course.

Try Enhancement Marketing™ for 30 Days, Risk-Free

We want to see you succeed. And we’d love to be able to farm out freelance work to you when all is said and done.

But sometimes, things just don’t fit. It’s just as true for a copywriting course as for a new pair of shoes.

All we ask is that you honestly give it your best shot. Watch all the videos, do the work, participate in the group. Actually finish the course. If your copywriting skills haven’t improved to the point where you believe you can get even one person to earn you an affiliate bonus, we’ll give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked. (Oh, you don’t know about the affiliate bonus yet? Read on.)

We Waited Until All the Way Down Here
to Tell You the Most Important Part

Look, this probably isn’t your first rodeo. You’re probably checking out a number of online copywriting courses, and this is just one of several contenders. We get it. Can we tell you one more thing that you should consider before you learn anything from anyone, especially online?

We’ve seen several courses that are completely self-contained. You watch the videos, do the multiple-choice quizzes, and you move on. To us, that’s like buying a book that promises to teach you how to be a better golfer.

If you want to be a better golfer, the best thing you can have is a coach who will look at your swing and help you fix it. Maybe it’s how you’re holding the club. Maybe it’s the angle of your back. The position of your feet. The height of your backswing. Maybe it’s the fact that you should probably be playing a different sport altogether. You’ll never get the answers to any of those questions from a book. (And frankly, you won’t get it from a video series either.)

At the end of every one of the sessions in our copywriting course, Neil gives you at least one assignment, which has to be completed and evaluated before the next session becomes available to you. As a result, you’re getting constant, consistent, personalized feedback on every element of the course. By a conservative estimate, we’d say that every student enrolled in this course gets at least four to six hours of individualized attention and feedback.

You don’t get that from a series of videos you can watch in a handful of hours.

We Don't Just Set You Loose in the Wild

If you like, you can put our money where your mouth is – our Affiliate Program for graduates gets you a referral code – and you get a significant chunk of the tuition for each new student who tells us you sent them.

You get to put what you’ve learned to a real-life test, and see if you’ve got what it takes to write copy that both serves others, and makes you money.

Oh, and our best students – if they’re interested – get added to our team of freelance copywriters that we promote through our agency, KNOPP Studios. It’s part of why we actually grade the assignments. It quickly helps us identify the students we should call first when we’ve got too much work on our plate and need to farm work out to someone else.

In addition, you’ll also get membership in an exclusive, private group of other people who, like you, have completed the course. Connect with them. Pick their brains. Neil’s there too, to answer questions and help continue your growth and development.


Got Questions?

There are easy ways to get in touch so we can help; we don’t want you making a purchase until you’re sure it’s the right thing for you. The easiest and most immediate way to reach a member of our team is with the small “Chat” icon in the bottom corner of the screen. That will take you straight to a live chat through Facebook Messenger, if a teammate is available. (You don’t even need to be using Messenger for it to work.) The most dependable way is via email – you can reach us through, and we’ll do our best to respond as quickly as possible.


One More Thing...

Whether or not we are a fit right now for what you’re looking for in a copywriting course, we wonder if you’d give a moment’s attention to something we care deeply about, and consider lending your support. Dozens of people in Ukraine were killed in missile attacks this week, and we’re trying to help.